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How to Find Renewable Resources of Energy

We already know that the use of electricity, gas and coal are all resources that we may eventually run out of. These are the non-renewable resources that we rely heavily on today.

We use these non-renewable resources to do many things, including supplying us with power, heating our homes, businesses and schools and more. When we use all the non-renewable resources up and there are no more to gather, then what?

How will we live? without the convenience that we are so accustomed to?

It’s nice to flip a switch to get power, and it is even better when the latest technology allows us to press a button to do all the things that men and women previously had to work for hours to accomplish. We are so fortunate to live in a world with so many modern gadgets. Unfortunately when we lose it we may be so accustomed to the modern perks that we will not know what to do when we don’t have them any longer.

What we have to rely on in the future is renewable resources. These resources are all resources that offer us an abundant supply and will never run out. They recharge and allow us to enjoy them again and again.

The renewable resources consist of Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Ocean, and Hydropower. We need all of these, and right now we have access to each one of them. What do they do and how do they help us with solar power? Let’s find out.

Solar refers to the solar energy that we get everyday either directly or indirectly from the sun. Solar energy can be used for several things, such as heating, electricity to home, schools, businesses, or buildings, heating water, cooling and ventilation.

Wind helps the sun’s heat down on earth. When the wind combines with the heat of the sun, it causes evaporation. When the water turns into precipitation, it produces energy that can then be captured by hydropower.

Hydropower takes energy from flowing water and captures it turning it into electricity. Hydropower is very complicated and requires a great deal of technology in order to successfully accumulate energy from water.

Biomass is an organic matter that can help to make up the plants. It can be used for the production of electricity, transport fuels or chemicals.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element found on earth, usually with other elements. If? hydrogen is found alone it can be burned or converted into electricity.

Geothermal looks toward the inner parts of the earth for heat and can be used for power, heating, and cooling. Oceans produces thermal energy, using the heat from the sun. It can also use mechanical energy for the tides and waves.

As you can see the renewable resources are all around us. We know what they do and how we can use them. There are so many benefits to using renewable resources. If we don’t use them now we may not have a choice later. The knowledge we learn from today will help us use the energy more wisely. One of my favorite ways to use renewable resources is discussed at Earth4Energy. It’s a no-brainer.

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